Friday, January 30, 2009

Defending Disney Pixar's "Wall-E"

I am a big fan of Pixar films. I think that all of their films deliver strong messages of liberty, individuality, and being contrartian in a world perverted by "mainstream" thought. 

Back in July I responded to an article on that portrayed Pixar's Wall-E as a movie that trashes modernity from an economically "ignorant" point of view. I disagreed. I had seen the movie in the theater with my then four year old daughter. I loved it and felt compelled to respond. Below are my comments, which were published on the Mises Blog

"I saw this film with my almost-five-year-old. I took away a completely different message. I saw the power of one, a little robot who is anything but "mainstream," go against a controlling corporatist power who had total control over the humans and robots aboard the spaceship. If you remember, there was a holding facility on the Axiom for non-compliant robots. Wall-E is able to bust them out, and they are able to change the course of those aboard the Axiom. It reminds me of people like Ron Paul, myself, and anyone who belieives in liberty, who are discounted and kept under wraps by the "mainstream." I think this movie had a message of "Free yourself from the State/Powers that be/etc. "

"I saw the Axiom as the complete fruition of the ideas of Orwell's "1984," Hayek's "Road To Serfdom," and Rand's "Anthem." One robot, who sought to improve his condiditons, i.e. fall in love with another robot, was able to reverse the course of a society towards liberating themselves.

"That's what I toook from this film."

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