Thursday, January 22, 2009

A New Year, A New Semester

The New Year is off to a wild start. A new president, a new Congress. Some may say "new in name only" as we make the shift from Coke to Pepsi. Hard to disagree when you look at the spending plans of the new administration. It is almost as if they are gunning to outspend the last regime. Speaking of the last regime, shall we endeavor to reflect on the final results? Forget the policies, initiatives, wars, etc. These are things people can go back and forth on. Let's just look at the costs. The below chart is the national debt from January 22, 2001, to January 20, 2009: George W. Bush's eight years in office, save two days. So let's take a look at that 7 years and 363 days of data, and ask the following question: Will this number go up or down under President Barack Obama, and by how much? Click on the below chart:

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