Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stand With The Iroquois!

This Iroquois Lacrosse Team situation makes perfect sense as it relates to the way they are being treated by the government. The establishment is threatened when American Indians do not act as a protected class that is dependent on the state, grateful of the “rights and privileges” it grants through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, reservations, sovereign status, and casinos. The thought of them as autonomous and sovereign nations must make the bureaucrats sick to their stomachs. The establishment is much more comfortable when they stay in their place and fall in line.

This idea of how government wants American Indians to behave and this recent Iroquois Lacrosse incident that makes me think about another way the establishment has put a lid on the notion of their sovereignty. That is the relentless purging of any and all mascots that depict American Indians as something other than a neutered class of government serfs. The state cannot fathom the idea of “Braves,” “Warriors,” “Fighting Sioux,” or “Fighting Illini.” These depictions hearken back to times when the American Indian tribes resisted the state forces that sought their eradication. It is totally unacceptable to bureaucrats to have these depictions persist because they are contrary to the ideal state beneficiary, who is essentially another hapless group worthy of pity and incapable of functioning properly without the aid of government welfare. In other words the direct opposite of a noble and dignified people, who made innumerable stands to defend their lives, liberty, and property from the state. 

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