Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Result of the War in Afghanistan

Take a look at the opium output numbers in Afghanistan in this Wall Street Journal article from September 2009. Particularly the numbers subsequent to 2001 and the invasion/occupation of Afghanistan. The output of opium has increased dramatically. Though the article is reporting a decline in output for 2009, the level is still relatively high.

Was the purpose of the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan to increase opium output? I am not sure, nor do I wish to speculate here. I merely point this out because I am sure that this result was not expected by a great many people who favored the war in Afghanistan. It is a reminder that the results of an action do not always match its intentions.

The Onion, which truly is "America's Finest News Source," reminds us again of the truth using humor. Though there is no humor in heroin addiction, their is certainly irony in yet another effect of the war that most people do not know about.

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Erika said...

Do you believe the heroin is being brought into the US?