Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where I Look For News, View, and Laughs

What do you read on a day to day basis? In times past I have subscribed to a number of publications that came daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. Lately I have decided that the best news and information is available on the web. I can skip through all of the mainstream blah that infects the mind and disables the capacity to think freely. I still receive a few subscriptions in the mail that I enjoy, but the number has dwindled. I firmly believe that media is in a colossal overhaul as technology improves and mainstream establishment outlets continue to discredit themselves as non-objective.

Here is a list with links of the sites I check daily for information and insight:

  1. – Not a day goes by where I do not read the daily articles on, and the Mises Economics Blog. Expect no less than excellence from the leading institution in the advancement of the Austrian School of Economics. If you want to learn what is really going on in the economy quickly, go to Frank Shostak’s archives and print out every article he has written.
  2. the LRC Blog – There is not a finer source of libertarian and free market viewpoints on a myriad of disciplines. History, economics, politics, you name it, LRC covers it. The King Lincoln Archive is a life-changer, as is anything written by Ralph Raico, particularly on WWI and WWII.
  3. – This is one that I subscribe to that is worth every penny I pay for it. Gary North’s insight on just about everything is some of the most useful and timely information available. In his “free” area you can access his famous economic commentary on the Bible, which is over 10,000 pages and in over twenty volumes. His economic insight on current markets is a tremendous antidote to mainstream garbage. I highly recommend subscribing to this amazing resource. 
  4. Newsalert – This is a news portal which collects articles for people with certain interests. I think these are going to continue to be the wave of the future.
  5. The Market Ticker – Excellent insight on the capital markets from Karl Denninger.
  6. The Daily Bell – A free market analysis of current events.
  7. Vox – A portal of economic analysis on policy. Lots of opposing viewpoints to take into consideration.
  8. Libertad Digital – You need to know Spanish to read and watch here. Free market commentary from Spain.
  9. Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis – Economic commentary from Mike Shedlock.
  10. Arts & Letters Daily – As a Jesuit educated B.A. and M.A. I am right at home with this portal site for all things art, literature, philosophy, history, science, language, music, and culture. I absolutely love this site.
  11. The Onion – Sometimes parody is where you find the truth. I have been reading The Onion since college. I have never figured out who is behind it all, but they must be brilliant. The creativity and courage on this site is outstanding!
  12. Wikipedia – The standard in creative collaboration and a great source. I look at their “In the News” and “On This Day” sections everyday. I also love to find topics I know a lot about and then click the Spanish translator. This is a great way to practice any language, and many are available.
  13. EconLog – This is a blog from the Library of Economics and Liberty, which has a superb book catalog.
  14. Multipl – This is a resource form Robert Shiller of Yale. This is where I look for broad market stats, specifically the P/E of the S&P 500.
  15. The Market Oracle – An excellent portal site that collects a wide range of non-mainstream economic and market commentary. 

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