Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Legacy of Frederic Bastiat

The Atlas Foundation for Economic Research has taken up yet another lofty initiative in the cause of economic liberty. Atlas has introduced a site that is designed to bring the legacy and teachings of Frederic Bastiat. On this page there are several links to resources on Bastiat in many languages. 

From the Atlas Bastiat page: 

"Bastiat showed that respect for property and free exchange is the foundation of freedom, prosperity, social progress, and peace – at home and abroad. Our property is always at risk from thieves. We lock our doors and employ police to protect us from common thieves, but protection from the biggest thieves - those who use the law to plunder - is much more difficult."

This video is a take on Bastiat's most enduring economic contribution: The Fallacy of the Broken Window!

Disastrous Economic Fallacies from Atlas Global Initiative on Vimeo.

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