Sunday, January 25, 2009

Too Hot For School

Sometimes I have a tendency to be too opinonated, which is fine. However, it can distract one from answering direct questions on school assignments. When asked to comment on what brought us to the current crisis, I started with this, and realized I was ranting: 

"The issues of how the Federal Reserve (the FED) has conducted itself over the course of economic crises, including the present one, are challenging for me. I am one who believes that the FED has no right to exist under the United States Constitution, let alone be the sole monetary authority. Furthermore, as a believer in the absolutes of the laws of economics, the FED’s actions of attempting to artificially supersede these laws are flagrant, arrogant, and have never worked. We can expect no end in sight for the FED so we must accept its existence, and submit to its coercive use of power.

 "The most interesting thing about the current economic crisis is the perpetrators have managed to make the victims appear responsible. Day after day we are subjected to the rants of the creators of American monetary and fiscal policy who led us to this crisis. They have been able to shift the blame, in the minds of the sheep, that capitalism and free markets have led us to ruin, and that we must cede all of our resources, our wealth, and our liberty to them so they can “make it all better.” Many seem to go along with this, thinking that government will fix it all. Even people who once believed in free markets and capitalism have been on the record as saying that it failed. Ayn Rand, Joseph Schumpeter, Ludwig von Mises, and George Orwell, vindicated all, must be looking at the world from the afterlife and saying “I told you so!” 

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